Labor practices in the optics of post-Deleuze theories: socio-philosophical analysis

Authors: Kravchenko A.L. Published: 05.11.2021
Published in issue: #5(91)/2021  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2021-5-740  
Category: The Humanities in Technical University | Chapter: Philosophy Science  
Keywords: post-Operaism, biopolitics, post-Fordism, neoliberalism, accelerationism, post-capitalism, labor practices, universal labor, General Intellect

Through the prism of social theories of post-Operaism and accelerationism, the paper examines the features of the digital transformation of labor, which is the substantive basis of social reproduction, analyzes the genealogy of the ideas of post-Operaism and accelerationism, and emphasizess their post-Deleuze character outlining the fundamental differences between post-Operaism and classical Marxism and its modern trends. The purpose of the study was to critically analyze the labor concepts of post-Operaism and accelerationism. Findings of research show the essence and role of the new subject of labor and stress the importance of General Intellect and universal labor as concepts describing the emancipatory capabilities of the "multitude" engaged in non-material production, as well as the accelerationist position on the release of hidden productive forces. The study describes the genesis and essence of accelerationist thought, represented by the works of N. Srnicek and A. Williams, analyzes labor practices in the concept of platform capitalism, and characterizes the prospects of the future post-labor society in the framework of the accelerationist post-capitalist project. The idea of rejection of wage labor, expressed in the Operaist formula "inside and against", becomes the general line of post-Deleuze Marxist theories.

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