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Editorial policy

Only articles not published in other periodicals are accepted to be published in the journal and not more than two articles by one author can normally be published in one issue of our journal. Besides, with sending the manuscript to our editorial office the author will be expected not to publish it either partially or as a whole in another periodical.Materials being prepared for publishing are to be reviewed and edited without affecting the essence of the initial material; the author's consent is not required. Articles by editorial board members of our journal as well as academicians and corresponding members of Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Academy of Education are published without being reviewed.Authors are fully responsible for the content of their articles and the fact of their publication. As far as an article by several authors is concerned, the author who gives their contact details, documents and corresponds with us is considered to be responsible for the other authors' consent to its publication in the journal.The editorial staff does not deem it possible to assume responsibility for possible damage resulting from the publication of an article. In addition to that, the editorial staff considers it their right to withdraw an already published article if it becomes clear that the fact of the publication has damaged someone's rights or standards of ethics. The editorial staff will inform the author who presented the article as well as the specialists who recommended it and the organization where the work was done about the withdrawal of the article. Materials submitted to be considered for publishing (manuscripts) are supposed to be presented according to the rules that could be found on the site in the section "For authors". When submitting the manuscript to the editorial staff the author is required to declare what specific scientific fields (as found in the list of professional scientific areas published by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles) the subject of the article submitted corresponds to; only scientific fields already included in the subject list of our journal are permitted.In addition to that the editorial staff thinks it possible to recommend authors to organize their materials according to the rules describing a typical applied science publication that meets the main requirements of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Russian Federation. Our editorial staff will refer to these rules as the basis for assessing the possibility and feasibility of publishing the work in question (see section "For authors").An article submitted to us undergoes initial verification of compliance with formal conditions in terms of categories and supporting documents that is meant to find out if the following characteristics are present and sufficient: universal decimal classification, full name of the author (authors), their positions, titles and name of present employer, title of the article, abstract (4-6 lines, up to 300 characters), key words; contact information for correspondence - e-mail address and telephone number; text of the article, reference list.If an article fails the verification, it is either declined irrevocably or returned to the author for refinement. Subsequent revisions should arrive at the editorial office with their filenames containing the word "refined", with the date of the reply concerning the initial verification results or publication of the review of the initial version being indicated in supporting documents.An article that has passed the verification successfully is sent to the member of editorial board that specializes in this particular area, in case of the supporting review recognized as sufficient. If there is no review, the article is sent for home review, which is carried out according to the rules given in the section "For authors". The decision about the final rejection of an article, revision feasibility or publication in the next issue is made depending on the expert's or reviewer's recommendation.The editorial staff believes that the expected timeframe for making that decision and informing the author about it is to lie within one month since the receipt of a correctly prepared article. Publication of an article in our e-journal allows the author to publish it later on in other electronic editions or in hard copy; however, such a publication has to list "Humanities Herald of BMSTU" as the primary source.

Order of reviewing the manuscripts of scientific works submitted to the editorial board of the journal "Humanities Bulletin" of BMSTU

1. Manuscripts of scientific articles submitted for open publishing in the journal "Humanities Bulletin" of BMSTU are accepted in hard and digital forms and registered by the Secretary of the edition. The Secretary verifies the manuscripts and supporting documents for compliance with the requirements for the authors of the scientific articles.

2. After the acceptance of the manuscript, the Secretary in the course of a week submits it for reviewing to one of the members of the editorial board, whose scientific competence corresponds with the contents of the article. The reader must submit his or her review to the editorial board not later than two weeks after receiving the manuscript.

3. At the nearest meeting of the editorial board the reader presents the manuscript of the article along with his or her review in which must be contained:

  • Topicality;
  • Compliance with the profile of the journal;
  • Contents and academic level;
  • Drawbacks found;
  • Necessary and/or recommended changes that must be introduced in the manuscript before publishing;
  • Conclusion: accept the article; accept with corrections; accept under the condition of submitting the article for additional reviewing with the understanding that the author has taken into account the recommendations; reject.

In case of a positive review the editorial board, by open vote with a simple majority, decides to publish the manuscript of the scientific article in the journal.

The journal's editorial board and the executive secretary do not enter into further discussions with the authors if a negative review is received and the article is rejected. 

4. The review is written according to the form (see Appendix).

5. In case of dispute the editorial board may ask for advice of those leading experts who are not the members of the board and the editorial council.

6. Manuscripts of the scientific articles are stored in hard and digital forms in the scientific department of the School of Social Sciences and the Humanities (SGN) of BMSTU.

Form of submitting a review

To the editorial board of the scientific journal
"Humanities Bulletin" of BMSTU


I (Last and First Name/s) recommend (do not recommend/ recommend under the condition of correcting the drawbacks found) for publishing in the scientific journal "Humanities Bulletin" of BMSTU
The Article (Title)
Author (-s)

Text of the review

  • Topicality;
  • Compliance with the profile of the journal;
  • Contents and academic level;
  • Necessary/recommended changes that must be introduced before publishing.

Information about the reader: Last and First Name (-s); Academic degree and title; Employment; Position.

Contacts: e-mail address; phone number; fax; postal code.

Personal signature of the reader.