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For authors

Requirements for manuscripts and accompanying documents
Authors must submit to the editorial staff the following documents:

1. Filled application form (to download: http://hmbul.ru/uploaded/Avt-new.pdf), containing a request to accept the article for publishing. Authors must study the profiles of the journal and express desire to be published in one of them (it is possible to place an article in more than one profile); however, the final decision rests with the editorial staff.

2. Recommendation letter from the place of employment (for non-BMSTU authors) or an extract from the protocol of the meeting of the respective chair or scientific department (for BMSTU authors). The letter must be printed on a letterhead with all contact information, including the office number.

3. Expert's report allowing the article to be published in the media may be provided (to download: http://hmbul.ru/documents/ExpZakl.pdf).

4. The article must be a WinWord file in .doc or .docx format containing all the elements. File's name must contain only the name (-s) of the author (-s).

5. Full apparatus in Russian and English (headline, lat and first name of the author/s, place of employment, summary, keywords, references, and information about the author/s, including e-mail address and phone number); photo (-s) of the author/s and pictures (if necessary): not less than 72pi, JPG, PNG, TIF formats only are allowed. Each picture must be a separate file in graphic format, named pic 1, pic 2 etc.

6. All documents must be submitted to the editorial staff in hard and digital forms. Hard copies may be submitted by the following ways:

• Scanned and sent by e-mail to the Secretary (see the Editorial Board page).

• Sent by snail mail to: Moscow, 105005, 2nd Baumanskaya str., 5-1, Russian Federation, BMSTU press).

• Given to the Secretary in person.

The editorial staff does not accept articles without digital copies.

The e-mail address of the author must be real and working, for the editorial staff to be able to maintain necessary contact with the author. The author may provide his or her Skype contact.

Appearance of the documents

1. Articles must be in WinWord format, Times New Roman.

2. The total size of the article, including pictures, comments, tables and references must not be more than 1 sheet (40 000 characters, or 24 printed pages and 8 illustrations). Tables must not occupy more than 20% of total size of the article. The number of authors may be more than 6 only in case of large-scale scientific research. A survey article may contain more than 1 sheet, under the condition that the list of references has not less than 30 sources.

3. In case of two or more articles submitted, the authors point out the order of their publishing.

4. The elements of the article must be placed in the following order:

• Universal Decimal Classification index;

• Title;

• Last and First Name (-s);

• Places of employment of the authors;

• Authors' e-mail addresses;

• Summary;

• Keywords;

• Text of the article;

• References;

• Information about the authors;

• Title (in English);

• Last and First Name (-s) (in English);

• Places of employment of the authors (in English);

• Authors' e-mail addresses;

• Summary (in English);

• Keywords (in English);

• Text of the article (in English, if possible);

• References (in English);

• Information about the authors (in English).

A file with the apparatus contains the same elements, excluding the text of the article.

5. Appearance of a manuscript

The text must be prepared without using Tabulation, optional hyphen and spaces. Each element of the article must be separated from the others by extra line-spacing.

5.1. Article begins with the UDC index (font 14, left alignment).

5.2. Title (bold type, font 18) that reflects the contents, in one sentence, with no mathematical or chemical formulas, characters other than Russian and Latin, and abbreviations, excluding those commonly used.

5.3. Last and First Name (-s) of the author (-s) (font 14). Authors are divided by comas. © Sign is put before the authors' names. Each author's name goes along with a footnote (font 12) containing the place of employment.

5.4. The footnote must contain full information about the place of employment, corresponding with the data located on its web-site.

5.5. Summary must outline the contents of the article and its main conclusions, in italics (font 14, justified alignment).

5.6. Keywords (not more than 10), in italics, font 14, left alignment, separated by comas. They must not be a combination of words.

5.7. The Text

The following structure should be observed:

• Brief outline of the condition of the subject, problem statement;

• Materials and methods, admissions;

• Main contents (including calculations, examples and pictures);

• Analysis of results;

• Conclusions and recommendations.

Fonts 14, double line-spacing, paragraph indent 1 cm, centre alignment.

All legend and abbreviations must be explained at first use in the text. Physical quantities must be included in the SI system. Additional permitted non-SI units can be used.

Parts of the article must be printed in bold type (font 14) from the beginning of a paragraph and separated by dot from the text.

All formulas are written in Math Type 6.x editor (center alignment). Numbers of formulas are placed on the right in brackets. Articles with formulas pasted as pictures or presented as a combination of symbols are not accepted.

Tables must be placed within the margins of the text. When hyphenated to another page, the head must be hyphenated as well (center alignment, number of the table - left alignment). Tables are numbers according to their quotation in the text. Information reflected in diagrams and graphics must not be put into tables.

Illustrations (pictures, diagrams, graphics, and photographs) are placed within the margins of the text, in logical order, and numbered according to their quotation in the text. Pictures in JPEG, PNG, TIF formats only are allowed. There must be at least one quotation of the picture in the text. Scanned images must have size not less than 300dpi. Abbreviations for the pictures are explained in underlines, if not explained in the text.

5.8 References list is composed according to quotation of the sources in the text, following the rules of the journal: http://hmbul.bmstu.ru/uploaded/bibl.pdf. Names of books, articles and other materials and documents in foreign languages must be given in original transcript. Unpublished materials and materials of limited use are not allowed. Font 14, center alignment. URL or DOI must me checked for accessibility.

5.9. Information about the author (-s) in Russian and English:

• Last and First Name (-s);

• Date of birth (optional);

• Education (optional);

• Academic Degree;

• Employment;

• Academic Title;

• Honorary Titles and Degrees (optional);

• Fields of Studies;

• E-mail address;

• Photo.