Creating a health-saving environment of higher education institution (Bauman Moscow State Technical University practice)

Authors: Semikin G.I. Published: 22.05.2013
Published in issue: #2(2)/2012  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2012-2-18  
Category: Technological aspects of the engineering education | Chapter: Preventive medicine  
Keywords: education, training, students’ health, individual, youth deviance prevention, health-saving educatio

Article presents one of the current tasks of educational reform - saving and strengthening students' health in an educational environment of higher education institutions. Issues of students' deviance are considered. System approach to building the health-saving educational environment in higher education institutions is presented. In accordance with Federal Law on Education, higher education institution administration is responsible for students' lives and health during the education process. At that a comprehensive targeted work should be carried out to create health-saving technologies framework. This article is to summarize the Bauman Moscow State Technical University experience in developing technologies and methods of saving and strengthening health of students as well as staff members, engaged into a work in an educational environment.