Main Authors Semikin G.I.
Semikin G.I.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Moscow, Russian Federation

Semikin G.I.

Semikin Gennady Ivanovich

Director, Valeology department, Sport and Recreation Faculty, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Professor, Doctor of Medicine

Director of Educational methodical center "Health saving up technologies and preventive maintenance of a narcotism in the youth environment", Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Scientific Interest: healthy lifestyle, individual health, health-saving technologies in educational environment, individual health management through personal lifestyle, youth drug abuse prevention, deviance prevention, prevention of HIV/AIDS infection and other public health threats in educational environment, technologies of psychological, pedagogical, medical and social correction and rehabilitation of people with hearing impairment disability in a circumstances of inclusive educational environment, biomedical equipment, training simulators in physical training, sports and medical practice, control of reparative processes in biological tissues, biotechnological systems and devices, evidence-based medicine, biological processes control, drug abuse testing problem, physical, mental and social well-being monitoring, health saving activity of educational environment subjects management in higher education institutions, ergonomics, occupational psychology, occupational selection.

Total number of publications on given issues is 244, comprising of 43, 11 monographs, 24 educational materials, 5 author's certificates and patents.

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