Specifics of the integrated logistic support of object of space equipment on the example of the space satellite "Sail MGTU"

Authors: Brom A.E., Evstifeeva N.V., Mayorova V.I., Rachkin D.A. Published: 07.11.2013
Published in issue: #10(12)/2013  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2013-10-111  
Category: Economic and legal problems of engineering education | Chapter: Economics  
Keywords: the integrated logistic support, space equipment, space satellite, reliability, nonfailure operation, analysis of types and consequences of refusals, electroradioproducts, choice of the supplier, schedule of purchases

Article is devoted to questions of logistic support of space equipment on the example of the student's space satellite "Sail MGTU", and represents collaboration of students, graduate students and professors of IBM-3 chairs "Industrial logistics" both SM-1 "Spacecrafts and carrier rockets". In article basics of the concept of the integrated logistic support and the main procedures, obligatory to performance within the international standards in this area are covered. For the device "Sail MGTU" recommendations about ensuring reliability of electroradioproducts are offered, the planned schedule of purchases of accessories on the basis of the solution of a problem of a choice of the supplier is developed.