Main Editorial Bagdasaryan N.G.
Bagdasaryan N.G.

PhD (Philosophy), PhD (History), Prof.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Moscow, Russian Federation

Bagdasaryan N.G.

Nadezda Bagdasaryan, Professor, PhD in Philosophy, PhD in History, member of the Russian Academy of the Natural Sciences, member of honor of the higher education of the Russian Federation.
Research Area: philosophy and sociology of education, of global processes, of technology and engineering; cultural studies and methodology of cultural studies: subject definition, structure and logics; history, philosophy and methodology of science; languages of intercultural communication.
Nadezda Bagdasaryan received a MSc in History from the Moscow Institute of Pedagogy and a PhD in History from Moscow State University in 1978. In 1998 Prof. Bagdasaryan received her second Doctoral degree in Philosophy after presenting a thesis on "Professional culture of engineering" (In Scientific Institute of Cultural Studies of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation). In 1998 she has been appointed a Professor.
Since 1969 Nadezda Bagdasaryan has been working in Moscow State Technical University n.a. Bauman where in 1987 she established the first chair of Sociology and Cultural studies adapted to the needs of the country's Technical Universities. After 2006 she keeps a Professor position in the above university.
Since 1999 Prof. Bagdasaryan heads the Chair of Cultural Studies in Dubna International Institute of Nature, Society and Humanities. Since 2005 she is a Professor of the Moscow State Technical University as well as a visiting Professor of the Moscow State Lomonosov University.
Prof. Bagdasaryan is a member of the expert council of the International Affairs Committee of the Council of Federation. She is a member of a number of Dissertation Councils and a member of editing boards of a number of Russian and International science journals.
Prof. Bagdasaryan has published approximately 200 scientific works in Russia and internationally on various subjects including philosophy and sociology of techno-sphere, education and culture, including publications in magazines authorized by the Higher Attestation Commission; over 30 textbooks and methodological works on cultural studies, sociology, philosophy and methodology of science and intercultural communication, published by the Federation level publishing houses.