Main Editorial Nehamkin V.A.
Nehamkin V.A.

PhD (Philosophy), Prof.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Moscow, Russian Federation

Nehamkin V.A.

Nekhamkin Valeri Arkadyevich, Doctor of Philosophy (2008), professor at the Department of Philosophy at Bauman Moscow State Technical University (2009).
V.A. Nekhamkin studied at Moscow State University (MSU) named M.V.Lomonosov from 1993 to 1998 at the Department of Social Philosophy (Philosophy Faculty).
He works at Bauman Moscow State Technical University from 2002.
Scientific interests: Counterfactual Historical Research; the theoretical and methodological analysis of Counterfactual Historical Research; the Subjunctive Mood in Historical Cognition; Frustrated Scripts of the history; Counter-Factual Historical Modeling; the functions of Counterfactual Historical Research in the science; philosophy of history and it problems.
Author of over 80 scientific works, including 5 monographs.