Army commanders-in-chief at the 1914–1917 fronts: analysis of the military service record before the First World War outbreak

Authors: Sergushkin S.S., Vinyukova N.V. Published: 07.05.2024
Published in issue: #2(106)/2024  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2024-2-895  
Category: Noname  
Keywords: military history, prosopography, Russian imperial army, officer corps, supreme military command, generals

The paper considers the pre-war military service period of the army commanders-in-chief at the Russian army fronts during the First World War, namely M.V. Alekseev, A.A. Brusilov, Ya.G. Zhilinsky, N.I. Ivanov, A.N. Kuropatkin, P.A. Pleve, N.V. Ruzsky, V.V. Sakharov and A.E. Evert. It identifies the general patterns in military service, education, formation of the generals’ combat experience and analyzes using the comparative historical method their rank promotion rate to find deviations from the norm. Rapid career rises, or, conversely, the long periods of disfavor from the superiors would become the basis for biographical studies revealing intricacies in the career growth of each of the generals.


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