Soviet values and formation of a new Russian identity

Authors: Legchilin V.V. Published: 22.07.2015
Published in issue: #9(35)/2015  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2015-9-293  
Category: The Humanities in Technical University | Chapter: Social sciences  
Keywords: identity, values, Soviet values, identity politics, criteria development, energy economic and social development

As the objectives of the study, the author aims to justify the need for smooth incorporation of the Soviet values into the system of values emerging in the framework of the modern Russian identity. Scientific novelty of the work is to substantiate the thesis that although theoretically the system of values shared by the majority of society is produced by civil society, to overcome the crisis phenomena in the sphere of identity in modern Russia and purposeful activity of the state aimed at solving this task (identity politics) is necessary. The need for bridging gaps and schisms formed in the public consciousness, the consolidation of the population in the face of contemporary geopolitical threats and challenges makes actual use of the Soviet experience in this area and return to such values as justice understood as equality, humane image of the future and the primacy of the human socio-cultural over the natural and biological.

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