Geopolitics of the "new wave": an overview of the factor space of the pirate environment

Authors: Tsesar D.A. Published: 12.09.2016
Published in issue: #8(46)/2016  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2016-8-378  
Category: The Humanities in Technical University | Chapter: Political Science  
Keywords: piracy environment, factor space, global threat, regional conflicting zones, international maritime piracy, political prediction

The article discusses the influence of various factors on the pirate environment recently emerged in the form in which it exists at present in the international political arena. Due to the escalating global threat of international maritime piracy in the XXI century the pirate environment structure requires a more thorough study. In order to develop innovative measures of counteracting the piracy environment it is especially important to pay attention to the mainstreaming the factors influencing the pirate environment, as well as to identify the priorities of geopolitical strategic planning: the application of strategic deterrence, increasing control over the straits, the interdiction to the piracy environment in the global information network wars.

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