Human security in New Zealand: is a welfare society possible?

Authors: Mikhaylov Ya.V., Bagramyants N.L. Published: 26.04.2022
Published in issue: #2(94)/2022  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2022-2-778  
Category: The Humanities in Technical University | Chapter: Philosophy Science  
Keywords: security, key dimensions of security, freedom from poverty and fear, environmental security, global norm

The paper centers around the problems of ensuring human security in New Zealand in terms of a philosophical study of the idea of a welfare society. The question is raised as to why a high human development index country still face complex problems of ensuring human security, which makes the country’s national security vulnerable. The concept of human security as a global norm and its main dimensions, i. e. freedom from poverty and fear, freedom of future generations to inherit a healthy environment, is considered. The study describes the humanitarian landscape of New Zealand in terms of its economics, e.g. growth, business environment, GDP per capita; societal aspects, e.g. health care, retail trade, consumption; politics, e.g. constitutional structure, political parties, rule by law, public confidence in the government. Although New Zealand has successfully tackled the tasks of economic, food, public and political security and taken a leading position in the above-listed areas, it still faces the problems of ensuring human security: health, personal, and environmental security. The study elicits and analyzes them and shows that the imperative goal of creating a welfare society is hindered by a number of objective prerequisites, e.g. state’s insufficient mobilization resources. The main finding of the research is that with all the noted features of the current state of human security in New Zealand, building a welfare society remains an ideal political goal, which is only partially achievable.

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