National Socialism Phenomenon

Authors: Mokshantsev L.V. Published: 03.12.2014
Published in issue: #6(20)/2014  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2014-6-210  
Category: The Humanities in Technical University | Chapter: Historical Sciences and Archaeology  
Keywords: Treaty of Versailles, National Socialism, Aryan, Nietzsche, superman, will to power, war

The study reveals main causes behind the National Socialism. The author has paid particular attention to historical, socioeconomic, intellectual and socio-political factors which contributed to development of this movement. The research has proved that the National Socialism is not a mere revolt against reason, irrational movement of masses, but it is a totalitarian revolution against the existing liberal bourgeois system. The issue of Adolf Hitler’s role in success of the National Socialism remains controversial.

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