History through the person: historical biography of the military industrialist

Authors: Scherbakova O.M. Published: 11.11.2013
Published in issue: #9(11)/2013  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2013-9-124  
Category: Historical Sciences and Archaeology  
Keywords: historiography, historical biography, personify history, General Manager V.N. Chelomay, military-industrial complex

This paper attempts to harness the power of personal stories to explore the biography of one of the leaders of military-industrial complex of the USSR, General Designer of "NPO Machine Building" V.N. Chelomeya. The historical biography as a genre has received research in modern historiography new content that solves a critical methodological problem of compatibility of macro-and micro-analysis. The novelty of the study is to reconstruct the history of life of a talented scientist and organizer of production, in the study of the historical society in which it was formed and was realized as a professional.