The connection of value orientations and moral activity of a person in the volunteer work

Authors: Kautenko A.V. Published: 22.05.2013
Published in issue: #2(2)/2012  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2012-2-20  
Category: Technological aspects of the engineering education | Chapter: Preventive medicine  
Keywords: psychology personal, volunteer work, activity, orientation of personality, moral activity, behavior, value orientations

The attention is paid to the presence of the activity model in the volunteer work. By means of the volunteer work, the activity of student's personality is realized in the development of moral consciousness. Moral activity is regarded as one of the social activity forms. The attention is drawn to the conception of "moral activity" and its close connection with the conception of "value orientations", which play an important role in forming the moral activity, defining its orientation, content, ways (forms) of expression, aims and means of the moral self-perfection of a person.