Anti-drug propaganda as a component of drug abuse prevention: problems and solutions

Authors: Mironov A.S. Published: 19.11.2013
Published in issue: #11(13)/2013  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2013-11-127  
Category: Technological aspects of the engineering education | Chapter: Preventive medicine  
Keywords: narcotic drug, illicit trafficking and consumption of drugs, anti-drug propaganda, drug prevention, healthy lifestyle, anti-drug legislation, drug demand reduction, timely detection of drug user

Substantiation of necessity of the organization of propaganda against the illicit use of and trafficking in drugs in the educational environment on the example of ВMSTU. Disclosure of activities aimed at forming negative attitudes to drugs among youth. Drug abuse prevention in education environment. Identification of drug users among students as an integral part of the process of prevention among adolescents and youth. Monitoring ofpublic opinion on problems of the prevention of drug abuse and the fight against drug trafficking.