Developing Communicative Competence in Engineering Students using the Web-based case study method

Authors: Neshchadim I.O. Published: 23.10.2013
Published in issue: #7(9)/2013  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2013-7-92  
Category: Technological aspects of the engineering education | Chapter: Pedagogics  
Keywords: case-study method, education, web-based resources, communicative competence

The article examines the issue of using the Web-based case-study method in English for specific purposes teaching with the purpose of developing learners' communicative competence. The paper presents the advantages and the objectives of the case-study method, as well as the guidelines to using it. We concluded that the Web-based case-study method increases the students' motivation, promotes creativity, develops communicative and cognitive skills, encourages learner's autonomy and academic skills and helps students express their ideas and personal opinion.