Economics and technology of floating nuclear thermal power plants: FNTPP "Academician Lomonosov"

Authors: Rodionova V.G. Published: 11.10.2017
Published in issue: #10(60)/2017  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2017-10-475  
Category: Economic Sciences  
Keywords: extensiveness, static efficiency, dynamic efficiency, competitive position, energy markets, EnergyNet, maritime space markets, MariNet, floating autonomous power station, electric power generation, heat generation, sea water desalination, tariff, marginal costs, future costs, problem of temporary inconsistences

The article explores new approaches to the assessment of the public significance of the electrical power industry and the manifestations of the trends in the transition from the static to dynamic innovative changes in the infrastructure of the located power plants. The special importance of water spaces as a unique option for locating power plants is noted. A variant of the floating nuclear thermal power plant on the fossil fuel traditional for nuclear power plants is considered. Currently it is the only energy facility of this type, ready for locating and operation in the water area of the Russian Arctic coast, at Chukotka, near the port of Pevek. Economic aspects of choice ofpower plants of this type are due to the following factors: the special importance of the domestic maritime regions; their natural and climatic conditions, in particular, at the Russian Arctic coast; innovative technologies of Rosenergoatom which are preferable for floating power plants; commercial prospects of their implementation in the domestic and world water markets.

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