Drafting and codification of Russian intellectual property legislation

Authors: Ilnitskiy K.O. Published: 28.01.2014
Published in issue: #1(15)/2014  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2014-1-149  
Category: Economic and legal problems of engineering education | Chapter: Jurisprudence  
Keywords: codification, Intellectual Property Legislation, Civil Code, WTO

Drafting and codification of the Russian Intellectual Property Legislation took a long time. As a result, Part Four of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation has been in operation since January 1, 2008. International organizations and political quarters of foreign countries blocked legislative proceedings of adopting the law relating it to Russia joining WTO. Nevertheless, the codification of the Russian Intellectual Property Legislation was completed but there still remain federal law drafts on introduction of amendments and additions in the current Civil Code.

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