Problems of personnel training for small business

Authors: Badranov A.Sh. Published: 22.10.2013
Published in issue: #6(8)/2013  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2013-6-84  
Category: Economic and legal problems of engineering education | Chapter: Economics  
Keywords: small business, problems of training

The paper invites to discuss the problems of personnel training for small business development and presents the results of expert surveys on research of the professional preferences of the youth, carried out by the Innovative Business Department in April-May 2012 by the method of online survey. The focus of the study was on young people receiving basic education in higher and secondary special educational institutions, due to the fact that in 10-15 years this generation would reach the most productive age and it was going to develop and implement innovative management technologies. The performed research allowed to make a conclusion about the propensity of the youth to work for themselves and to wish to obtain additional professional knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation management.