Main Authors Orekhovskaya N.A.
Orekhovskaya N.A.

Moscow University for the Humanities

Moscow, Russian Federation

Orekhovskaya N.A.

Orekhovskaya N.A., Dr. Sci. (Philos.), Professor, Moscow University for the Humanities, the member of Russian Society of Sociologists (RSS).
She is the author of more than 100 works such as monographs, manuals, brochures, articles, which are devoted to problems of social philosophy, evolution of mass consciousness of the Russian society, its mentality, and also issue on sociology, manipulative PR technologies, communicative communications and methods of social management.
Orekhovskaya N.A. is the member of the European Society of Sociologists (ESA), repeatedly took part in various scientific international conferences, symposiums and congresses. A number of her scientific works are published abroad.
Professor Orekhovskaya N.A. is an active translator of scientific knowledge, delivers lectures on philosophy, sociology, public relations, ethics of business relations and social communication.

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